Ms Karen
Ms Karen enjoyed singing since she was a toddler! She has been actively involved in teaching piano and performing in choirs in Toronto, where she completed her degree in Music Culture and Mathematics (double major) from the University of Toronto and Grade 10 piano from the Royal Conservatory of Music. She was also an amateur pop/rock band vocalist and keyboardist for many years.

She never stops teaching piano and theory even she decided to stay in Hong Kong for her master degree in Mathematics. By noticing how Music can also help other areas of learning, especially Math, she wishes to spread this wonderful news to parents. Teaching children is her favourite thing in life and she started her own learning center right after graduation. 

Being a Mother now, her toddler is also attending Kindermusik classes and she can sing and dance before she can talk! This inspired her to become a licensed Kindermusik educator and continue to proclaim the benefits of nurturing children with music